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Urban Tactical Gear: Why It's Different and Why You Need It

Urban Tactical Gear: Why It's Different and Why You Need It

Posted by Jata Tactical on 17th Feb 2023

While many of us may associate typical  tactical gear with equipment and accessories that will help us survive in nature, there's a growing interest in having tactical gear that is specifically designed for those who live in urban areas as well.

We all know that it's vitally important to be prepared for a scenario where we need to protect our homes and families, or be able to live off the land for an extended period of time.

In a situation like these above, all of us tactical gear experts probably already know what we need to have in our tactical gear supply kit.

But...if you live in an urban area, the focus on the type of gear you're going to want in your tactical gear stock may differ from the types of stock you'll want to have handy if you live out in the middle of nowhere.

And, let's face it...if there is an emergency and your resources begin to run low, you may find yourself having to make a movement toward the city in order to restock your supplies.

In a situation like this, you'll need to have the right type of urban tactical equipment to help carry your supplies back, while also protecting you during your mission.

What is Tactical Gear?

When we talk about tactical gear, most people start thinking about items that serve a very specific purpose, for a very specific subset of professionals. Or you might think of the big brands like 5.11 or  Mercury tactical gear.

Traditionally, tactical gear has been considered vital for law enforcement, military personnel, and many of those in the fire and rescue line of work.

Tactical gear is also sometimes worn by medical professionals, especially those who may find themselves in precarious situations where their lives could be threatened.

Some of the most popular and needed types of tactical gear include items such as jackets and vests that have extra layers of protection, as well as ways to attach necessary accessories, such as additional gear clips, cord channels, and a d ring or two.

Tactical gear for military and law enforcement could also be customized pants that have extra pockets, durable but breathable material, and hidden interior pockets as well.

Other items that also count as tactical necessities may be things like certain types of carrying bags, body armor, and protective items like knives, firearms, and constraints.

But as the world continues to change and present us with increasingly unpredictable events and behaviors, more and more people are deciding that they need to create their own personal tactical supply to have on hand as well.

A personal tactical supply arsenal is not going to look much different than that of the professionals. What will be most important is that you have the appropriate items for your personal needs, based on the size of your family and the location where you live.

Urban tactical gear is not going to look substantially different than the tactical gear you may collect if you live in a more rural area. But, there will be certain things to consider having on hand that will make a significant difference if you are presented with an emergency or crisis situation in an urban setting.

Urban Tactical Pants

Though this may not sound like the most exciting item to put on your urban tactical supply list, having the right tactical pants can make a huge difference if you find yourself in a threatening situation while in an urban setting.

Pants play a much bigger role than just covering up the bottom portion of our bodies. Not only do they protect us from the elements, they also can play a huge role in how easy it is for us to carry certain items while also having the flexibility to move quickly when necessary.

One of the best pairs of tactical pants on the market are the Range tactical pants by Tru-spec.

Not only are these pants designed with two wide back pockets, but they also side and front pockets as well, giving you plenty of places to hold extra accessories while keeping your hands free. The pockets also have a velcro fastener to ensure the items in those pockets stay in place.

The comfort fit sliding waist band has wide belt loops, ready to accommodate belts that may not be of standard size. The leg openings are wide enough to allow for plenty of air circulation but not so wide as to feel cumbersome when you are really on the move.

At a retail price of less than $70, these tactical pants are going to be your go-to trousers anytime you find yourself ready to hit the city, as well as plenty of other destinations as well.

Carrying Bags

Another important tactical item for those who may be preparing to be in an urban area is the right type of carrying bag.

Having the right type of clothes can make a big difference in a tactical mission, but the type of carrying bag you have will make a big impact as well.

One of the best bags for carrying in an urban setting is going to be the Circadian backpack which is also made by Tru-spec.

Inside the bag you will find lots of pockets, hidden built-in zippered pouches, and a bottom pouch that is separate from the others, making it an ideal spot to carry important papers, documents, or directions.

The wide shoulder straps of the Circadian make this an easy pack to carry for long stretches at a time.

And the outer material is water-resistant and durable enough to withstand the types of elements and situations a tactical bag needs to be prepared for.

The Tru-spec Circadian retails for just over $100, making this an investment that won't break your budget, but will provide you with years of support.

Want to See More Urban Tactical Gear?

If you are interested in what other sorts of tactical supplies are going to be best to outfit your urban tactical collection, then head on over to the Jata Tactical main page.

Whether you are looking for the best urban tactical clothes or are wanting to find some urban tactical accessories, Jata Tactical has everything you need to make your collection complete.

No matter where you live, being prepared with the right tactical equipment is going to bring you the peace of mind we all need in these times.

Let Jata Tactical be your tactical gear supplier of choice!