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Some Top Picks for New Tactical Truck Gear

Some Top Picks for New Tactical Truck Gear

Posted by Jata Tactical on 18th Mar 2023

Whether you're preparing for the zombie apocalypse or something a little more tame, you're probably looking to outfit your truck in a way that can easily and safely carry all your  tactical gear, no matter when or where you may need it.

Key Takeaways

  1. Having the right tactical truck gear is just as important as having the right tactical gear for yourself.
  2. In times like these, it's important to have the type of tactical truck gear that is going to make it easy to transport you, your family and your equipment if a crisis were to arise.
  3. Tactical gear can be a big investment, and you need a truck that can keep it safe, secure and still give you quick access to it when you need it most.

With more tactical gear sites popping up daily, it's good to know that there is one place you can go to that has the pulse on what gear is going to be worth your investment and be able to meet all your tactical gear needs.

What is Tactical Truck Gear?

Most of us who understand the need to have a solid tactical gear supply also understand we've got to have a way to carry it all.

Storing the majority of your tactical gear on your property is fine. But knowing you have a way to transport it is also going to be important when the time comes.

Not only that, but you will want to make sure that you can transport it in a way that keeps it secure but also makes it easy to access, especially when there's an emergency or dangerous situation at hand.

Trucks that can handle and haul a good supply of tactical gear will usually be some sort of high-quality, off-road vehicle that can handle any kind of terrain and even go overland.

But oftentimes these types of trucks or vehicles still need to be tricked out with the proper types of storage and transport supplies, especially if you want them to be customized to your own personal tactical gear collection.

For example, if you’re planning on carrying a pretty hefty load of tactical gear in a variety of different climate conditions, you'll need to keep it safe and secure. You don't know what types of people or predators you may encounter in a crisis situation, so it's best to know that your gear would not be easy for another thing or person to steal.

You also want to make sure that one of your family members who doesn't know how to use a particular item (like certain guns or other firearms) won't get their hands on something that could be dangerous and cause them harm.

You'll also want to outfit your tactical vehicle in a way that all of your guns, ammo, pouches, tools and Guard Dog body armor will be kept clean and dry. Having the right types of protection for all your equipment will be crucial for keeping your gear in the best shape possible.

Tactical gear is not cheap, and most of us tactical gear enthusiasts invest a decent amount of time finding what we want and money buying it. Since you don't know what types of weather conditions you may encounter in a crisis situation, it's best to err on the side of having plenty of protection for your equipment so it will be well care for

And though most tactical trucks and other type of all-terrain vehicles have a decent amount of storage and transport potential, it's never a bad idea to be able to customize your vehicle in a way that works best for you.

Anyone who has been a part of a military defense team or has been a first responder knows that being fully prepared is always going to be your best defense.

And having your equipment packed into your vehicle in a way that is going to keep you prepared for anything (zombie apocalypse or not) is going to make you feel ready for any situation that comes up.

Let's check out some of the most popular and most effective tactical gear storage and carrying options that are available.

Truck Bed Storage Units

Anyone who has a decent firearms collection is going to first want to invest in a good bed storage unit for their truck or off-road vehicle before they invest in anything else.

By installing a full truck bed-length drawer system, you won't have to give up space in the bed of your truck for cargo or other larger pieces of equipment, like camping gear, stoves, food supplies or maybe an all-terrain vehicle.

Most decked drawer systems can be installed pretty easily and will fit neatly into your truck bed, basically creating a new floor above the base of your original truck bed.

These types of decked drawer systems fit right over your wheel base and will actually increase your truck bed's loading capacity by a fair amount.

Not only that, but most truck bed-length storage systems have a pretty massive payload, meaning that you'll still be able to carry some pretty large-scale items safely without damaging your truck in the process.

Regardless of what you want to store underneath, these drawer systems will keep all your equipment safe and secure as well as out of the weather elements. Most also have at least one drawer that can lock easily, making it much harder for thieves to steal your stuff, or for someone to stumble upon something they shouldn't.


Much better than a backpack or pouches for long term storage are D-Bags which are designed specifically for truck beds.

Most D-Bags are made with straps that are removable and are easily adjustable to suit whatever your size and needs.

Like any backpack, a D-Bag is designed to carry heavy objects, such as your survival tools and hunting equipment. But, unlike a regular backpack, a D-Bags is made with highly reinforced and rugged materials that allows it to withstand even greater weight than other bags.

The best D-Bags are waterproof (not just weather-resistant) and are usually made from thermoformed EVA foam that is often coated with a ballistic nylon cloth, making these tactical items practically indestructible.

Vehicle Seat Back Storage Systems

Now that you've got the back of your truck all safe and secure, it's time to work on the interior.

Yes, a well-designed and equipped truck bed can be great for any tactical gear enthusiast who wants to maximize their space while also keeping all their necessary equipment safe, secure and carefully tucked away.

But sometimes you are going to have items that you want to be able to access immediately, without having to unlock a drawer or open up a bunch of bags or pouches.

This is where a good vehicle seat back storage system is going to come in super handy.

Though there are a ton of different variables that can be included in a good seat back storage system, a favorite one is the  seat organizer by Strong Leather Company.

Strong Leather Company has been making quality tactical gear supplies for years and it shows. The craftsmanship in this organizer gives it a solid feel and the material is made to stand up to the weight of whatever you decide to put inside of it.

The seat organizer holds all the supplies you want to have the most handy and attaches easily to most bucket seats.

Whether it's your favorite rifle or a much-needed water source, the seat organizer by Strong Leather Company will keep everything within easy reach.

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