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 Ready to Find the Right Response Gear Tactical Footwear?

Ready to Find the Right Response Gear Tactical Footwear?

Posted by Jata Tactical on 10th Feb 2023

Every day there are men and women around our great country that are putting themselves in perilous situations to care for, protect and maybe even save the rest of us.

These fine people - usually referred to as either military personnel, law enforcement officers, or first responders - need to have the right tactical gear at their disposal to ensure that they can do their jobs properly.

And "the right"  tactical gear isn't just limited to weaponry either.

Of course, anyone who is in a position of taking care of and/or protecting other people is most likely going to carry certain types of firearms and ammunition on their person.

They will also require other types of items and gadgets that may be necessary in various dangerous or survival situations.

Some of these items may include such things as binoculars or night vision goggles. Another popular tactical gear item is often a low visibility flashlight, solar-powered electronic devices, and even things such as waterproof storage containers and rucksacks to pocketknives, food accessories, and first aid equipment.

All of these items are considered tactical gear items, but not all will be needed in every situation.

For example, if a person is a first responder and typically involved in medical crises, they may be more likely to carry specialized first aid supplies than a person who is in the middle of a military crisis and may be more prone to carry weaponry instead.

But regardless of what type of tactical gear a person may need, it is quite likely they will need a response gear type of tactical boot for whatever crisis they are dealing with.

Why Is Response Gear Tactical Footwear So Important?

For more than 200 years, humans have understood the need to protect their feet in combat or survival situations if they are hoping to succeed in whatever mission they are engaged in.

It wasn't until the the early 1800s that people began taking seriously the need for appropriate combat and tactical footwear for soldiers and other people involved in any area of the armed forces.

The first real tactical response gear footwear was created in 1816.

Known as the Jefferson Boot, this combat-type footwear was designed to protect the foot, but it eventually proved cumbersome to wear.

After the Jefferson, many boots have been designed throughout the years as materials continued to change, and have become lighter and more rugged at the same time.

Today, tactical gear combat boots are worn by thousands of individuals who need to not only protect their feet from danger and the elements, but who also appreciate having footwear that is comfortable and durable as well.

What Should I Look For in Response Gear Tactical Footwear?

One of the problems with response gear footwear is that - though there are tons of different styles on the market, not all tactical gear footwear is created the same.

Though this may not be problematic for some, if you are planning on taking your response gear tactical footwear seriously, you should definitely spend the time researching what's going to work best for you.

High quality tactical footwear is not going to be inexpensive, so it's important that you think about your needs and make sure the tactical boots you buy can do what you need them to.

At the very least, make sure that any tactical boots you buy are made of a high-quality material that is durable, comfortable, and waterproof.

It's also important to consider a combat or tactical boot's breathability.

If there is a time you may end up being in this boot for hours at a stretch, having a boot that's breathable is going to add substantially to your overall comfort.

When you are planning out your  urban tactical gear arsenal, it may be tempting to consider spending less money on things like response gear clothing and footwear and instead use that money for things that are more exciting, like firearms, ammunition and

A foot injury or leg injury from a pair of uncomfortable or poorly designed boots can change the outcome of many situations, potentially putting you or someone else in danger.

For this reason, most tactical gear experts and enthusiasts will be quick to encourage you to invest in making sure that your tactical footwear is the best that your money can buy.

Here are two of our favorite tactical boots that are sure to prove their worth:

Side Zipper Jump Boot by Rocky International

One of the best tactical gear boots that you can buy on today's market is the  Side Zipper Jump Boot by Rocky International.

Rocky International is one of the most popular brands when it comes to tactical gear, and its products prove why.

This company filters out any doubt that you aren't going to be pleased with its product, starting from the rugged and durable outer exterior.

Built from premium full-grain black leather, these boots have a well-designed side zip zipper for easy on/off as well as a polished toe that is made with highly reinforced materials and a heel that can handle all sorts of terrain.

On top of all this, the Rocky International Side Zipper Jump Boots are fully waterproof and lightweight enough for you to wear in all sorts of weather and seasons.

And, at a price of $170, these boots are a great bargain!

Evo 2.0 8 Side Zip Boot by 5.11 Tactical

Another great option for a high-quality tactical boot is the  Evo 2.0 8 Side Zip Boot by 5.11 Tactical.

Featuring the same type of construction as other boots by this manufacturer, the Evo 2.0 8 Side Zip Boot has an updated design that makes this footwear as comfortable as it is functional.

With an upgraded heel cushioning and higher quality full grain leather, the Evo 2.0 8 Side Zip is a fan favorite for anyone who is looking for a side zip boot at a great price.

Ready to Grab Your Pair of Tactical Footwear?

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